BlueMed is a family who shares a very strong bond, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins,  daughter-in-law and son-in-law, all singing together or singing in turns, the result is fabulous and heartwarming
Though what binds BlueMed together and what makes us extra special, is not only our  obvious love for eachother,
but also our shared love and passion for different styles and genres of music - Have a listen & enjoy  !

Hi and welcome to BlueMed
BlueMed is a brand new enthusiastic family-project with authentic new songs

BlueMed has a very wide interest in music,

not bound or limited to                                                     just one genre.
Passionate about                                                              sweet love-songs to exciting funk, and deep soul, R&B,                                                           modern/old rock, jazzy jazz to rap, dance, hiphop, 

in short,
all styles of music really as long as it's real music, which we live and breathe !

Please check out BlueMed's first song 'Love is what we need',
(Click on picture of single cover to hear our song on Spotify)
An Irish-French-Dutch-Welsh collaboration, this heartwarming song will touch the coldest of hearts.
We just felt the need to create a positive optimistic sound in these challenging times.
Feel free to set 'Love is what we need' as your alarm clock, so that you'll wake up smiling, and will always start the day happy and feeling good.
And, last but not least, enjoy our song, as you can hear we had lots of fun making it, and we hope you will feel the love too,
so please sit back and relax, or get up to dance, whatever suits you best,
have a listen and enjoy !
Featuring lead vocals by AlgorithMix, supporting lead vocals by MillyR, 
with backing vocals by Sweet2Kiss, Enrique Delavega,  ML and CJ.
* there is a standard version (04:10), and an extended version (05:13

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PS we're currently still working on our websites and social media, please bear with us, we will update asap,
thanks a million for your patience, and your support, much appreciated!