'BlueMed' is a music-family-project featuring talented Irish-French-Dutch-Welsh relatives produced by 'Solid River Productions', a brand new independent music production company created by songwriters/producers RonanR, AlexF & AlgorithMix  
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'Oh Yeah and I love it!' by BlueMed feat. RyanR & Lilah Ronan

'Amazing' by BlueMed feat. AlgorithMix & Lilah Ronan

'Avalanche of broken dreams' by BlueMed featuring MillyR

'Love is what we need' by BlueMed feat. AlgorithMix & MillyR

 Hi & welcome to BlueMed
BlueMed is a brand new enthusiastic family-project with authentic new songs written especially for them
by songwriters RonanR & AlexF, who have a very wide interest in music, not bound or limited to just one genre.
You can find & follow us on our social media & streaming platforms below, however, please bear with us,
we're total newcomers on social media, growing them slowly & organically & are still trying to figure out the ins & outs,
frankly, we're far better @ music :)

Thank you for sharing us on your social media & for your patience, much appreciated!

Please contact 'Solid River Productions' with any queries, incl BlueMed, via our website Solid River Productions

Latest single! Friday 29th March 2024
featuring RyanR & Lilah Ronan

A brilliant uptempo &very catchy love song about living life to the fullest
A vibrant uplifting tune about a couple who wants to grow old together
They've overcome hard times & now look ahead to the future with hope & optimism, dreaming of  walking along the sea & finally fulfilling their long-cherished dream of living by the sea, the 'Blue Med'.
The future is theirs!

RyanR's distinctive retro Britpop voice has a natural 90ies vintage quality
Lilah Ronan's sweet & melodious ultra-feminine vocals gives it that extra pezzaz

Video shot on location in Ireland by IndraR
Edit video by Solid River Productions 

Announcement single  'Oh yeah and I love it' by BlueMed
featuring RyanR 

Video shot on location in Ireland by IndraR
Edit video by Solid River Productions 

BlueMed is a family united by a very strong bond, composed of (great)grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, cousins & grandchildren. But what really binds us & makes us unique is not only our (obvious) love for each other, but also our shared passion for different musical styles & genres